Skippy Dies: A Novel by Paul Murray

Skippy Dies: A Novel

Skippy Dies: A Novel

Skippy Dies: A Novel Paul Murray ebook
Details info: EPUB, MOBI, 672 pages, English
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Seabrook College is an all-boys Catholic prep school in contemporary Dublin, where the founding Fathers flounder under a new administration obsessed with the school's "brand" and teachers vacillate between fear and apathy when faced with rooms full of texting, hyper-tense, hormone-fueled boys. It's the boys--and one boy in particular that give this raucous, tender novel its emotional kick. Daniel "Skippy" Juster is a breed apart from his friends, more sensitive than any of them, but never visibly reactive to the pressures that weigh heavily on him. The events that lead to his untimely (though tragicomic) death unfold scene by scene, in a chorus of perfectly executed moments that are powerful enough to make you laugh and weep at once. When you read Skippy Dies, you won't necessarily feel like a teenager again and in fact, may realize you'd never want to but you'll certainly appreciate how painful, exhilarating, and confusing it still is to grow up.


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